Keystone Series GRW/GRL

Keystone Series GRW/GRL

A heavy duty industrial resilient seated butterfly valve with wafer body design (GRW) or lugged body design (GRL).

Water, air, dry bulk conveying etc. These valves are for any service where a drop-tight shut-off with maximum flow area is required.


  • Wafer and lugged body design with face-to-face dimension, according to EN 558 Series 20 and API 609. 
  • Designed according to EN 593 and API 609. 
  • The seat is field replaceable and fully isolates the body and shaft from the flow. 
  • Primary shaft sealing exceeds the pressure rating of the valve and prevents leakage through shaft area to atmosphere. 
  • A secondary shaft sealing provides back-up safety. 
  • A molded-in O-ring in the seat for flange sealing eliminates the need for gaskets.

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