Keystone Series 221/222

Keystone Series 221/222Resilient seated butterfly valve for bi-directional and end-of-line service - ideal for shut-off control

The Series 221/222 is an economical bonded resilient seated butterfly valve for bi-directional and end-of-line service. It is ideal for building services and irrigation applications that require shut-off control. The valve has a moulded in seat and can be used in full vacuum service.

  • Bubble tight shut-off at full rated pressure in both directions. 
  • The F222 lugged version is suitable for bi-directional end-of-line service at full pressure rating. 
  • Top and bottom bearings absorbs side thrust loads. 
  • A moulded-in O-ring in the seat for flange sealing eliminates the need for flange gaskets. 
  • Body locating holes for easy installation and centering between flanges. 
  • Extended neck allows adequate clearance for flange and insulation.

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