Ball Valves

The options for ball valves in isolation applications are vast and it is important to make the best selection to meet your needs. In order to select the right technology, it is essential to consider the following:

  • Full port or reduced port
  • Trunnion mounted or floating ball
  • Soft or metal seats
  • Single seat or double seated 
  • Allowable leakage rate
  • End connections
  • Materials of construction
  • Design features 
  • Industry standards
  • Process fluid suitability 
  • Cv requirements 
  • Environmental emissions
  • Automation requirements

Ball valves can be used on the simplest of applications such as low pressure water or gas isolation, all the way up to some of the most demanding applications in the industry including extremely erosive, corrosive, high temperature and pressure conditions. Spartan Controls can work with you to ensure you find the right valve, at the right price, with the right delivery. 

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