Bettis GVO

Bettis GVO actuatorBettis™ GVO linear actuator is a field proven linear valve actuator suitable for automating most types of rising stem valves in safety shutdown and control applications. 

The GVO actuators are manufactured in accordance with strict quality standards and assure reliability and safety.


  • External tie bars allow contained release of energy in the event of overpressure and allow ease of inspection and servicing.
  • Spring rod nut is locked to prevent unauthorized disassembly of the spring cartridge
  • Travel adjustment on top and bottom makes sure the piston stops on the actuator not the valve, protecting valve seat.
  • Swivel stem connector for ease of installation and stroke adjustment
  • Static pressure test to 1.5 times maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP)
  • Pneumatic cylinder size is up to 48” tandem
  • Hydraulic cylinder size is up to 24”
  • Spring preload is up to 53000 lbs/235765 N
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