Bettis G Series

Valve automationBettis® G-Series valve actuators from Emerson represent the high quality and ingenuity operators have come to expect from Bettis® products since pioneering actuator technology more than 50 years ago. 

The G-Series provide a highly unique and reliable means of operating ball, butterfly or plug valves as well as louvers, dampers and other 90 degree rotating mechanisms.

Created with its users’ interest in mind, the G-Series actuators offer many significant benefits among these are:

  • Compact – significantly lighter and require less space than do other actuators of equal or less torque output.
  • Water ingress protected
  • Water resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Modular design
  • Safety- the patented Tension Lok™ allows the safe installation and removal of the spring module in a manner that eliminates accidental release of the spring force and reduces potential for incorrect installation, operation or misapplication of a reconfigured actuator.
  • Versatile – the power and spring modules can interchange easily, allowing for quick reversal of the fail-safe mode, while allowing the addition of overrides, accessories and other modules. 
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