Bettis PressureGuard™

Bettis hydraulic ESDThe PressureGuard™ Self-Contained Hydraulic Emergency Shutdown (ESD) System provides reliable valve shutdown capability when an external power source is either not available or not dependable. 

It can be used with rotary hydraulic operators to provide a fail-safe system for use with ball, plug and other quarter-turn valves, as well as non 6A linear operated valves.


  • Suitable for remote, unmanned, unpowered and critical service
  • Standard hydraulic model available for all valve sizes and configurations
  • Modular design to simplify maintenance
  • Eliminates need for plant air, fuel gas, electricity or nitrogen backup
  • High pressure, zero leakage control
  • Minimum of working parts
  • Adaptable for use with SCADA systems or remote signals
  • Fail-safe design
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