Bettis Gas Hydraulic or High-Pressure Pipeline Pneumatic Valve Actuators

Bettis gas/hydraulic actuators are used to automate valves located on gas transmission pipelines, often travelling hundreds of miles through inhospitable areas where there are no low pressure instrument air or high pressure hydraulic spply lines available. Bettis actuators are available in either rotary, quarter-turn modules or in linear modules.

The gas/hydraulic actuators operate using pressurized gas from the pipeline as its power sources, requiring reliability and safety features built into the valve operator system. Since the line gas is a potential hazard, Bettis actuators use a clean, non-explosive hydraulic fluid as an oil barrier rather than direct line gas.

Features and benefits:

  • High pressure - uses a high pressure gas supply (typically from gas pipeline) as a power source
  • Excellent sealing - all models have zero leak pistons and rod seals with materials selected to suit application
  • High torques and thrusts - Rotary quarter-turn models have torques to 6,000,000 lb. in (678,000 Nm) and linear models with thrusts up to 650,000 lbs (2,891, 200N)
  • Adaptability - adaptable for all types of gas compositions including sour (NACE) and wet gas
  • Aluminum alloy actuator body and controls - for exceptional corrosion resistance and low temperature applications
  • Many control system options including remote control, high/low shutoff and linebreak
  • Hydraulic hand pump for emergency operation
  • piston with non-metallic wear ring to prevent piston/cylinder scuffing
  • Reliable tanks - Bettis actuators use pressure vessels manufactured and certified (U stamp) to ASME Section VIII as standard
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