Bettis E-Series

Bettis E Series HydraulicBettis E-Series Hydraulic Scotch-Yoke Valve Actuators offer a practical and reliable method for operating valves via remote or automatic control by incorporating a variety of field proven control accessories. An actuator and control system package can be custom designed for each specific application.

The E-Series actuators are available in several ambient temperature ranges.

  • Standard temperature range: -45º C to 65º C (-50º F to +150º F)
  • Extreme low temperature range: -54º C to 65º C (-65º F to +150º F)
  • Moderately high temperature range: -29º C to 107º C (-20º F to +225º F)
  • The E-Series actuators operate at pneumatic pressures up to 10 bar (150 psig) or hydraulic pressures up to 138 bar (2000 psig).

Key Features

  • Pair with ball, butterfly, and plug valves, louvers and dampers, and quarter-turn mechanisms.
  • Torque/Thrust Range: from 500 to 1,500,000 lb-in.

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