Bettis Torqplus

The Bettis Torqplus employs a unique modular design to allow for simple retrofits/upgrades using over two hundred different kits including heaters and thermostats, single or dual-potentiometers, servo controls, motor brakes, positioners and transmitters, and more.

The Bettis TorqPlus, and the modular concept, offers its users significant advantages:

  • Compact Design - the actuators provide maximum torque output relative to its small design housing.
  • Custom Control Standards - by offering an almost endless number of control and accessory combinations, Bettis electric actuators can effectively be designed to virtually any end use.
  • Modular Construction - the modular design allows the actuators to be easily field modified and services. Accessory kits can be stored for future use without consuming a large amount of storage space. 
  • High Strength Gearing - precision-machined gears from hardened alloy steel and run in needle bearings mean efficiency, smooth energy transfer, quiet operation and long service life. 
  • Low Maintenance - Permanent lubrication reduces the need for scheduled maintenance. The actuators are supplied with low temperature lubricant, allowing the units to perform in temperatures to -40 degreese C. All operational parts are fully enclosed in the housing, eliminating all contact with the environment. 
  • Guaranteed Torques - as with other Bettis actuators, we guarantee our published output torque values. If any Bettis TorqPlus actuator fails to meet its specificed torque output under normal use, we will replace it.
  • Duty Cycle - all Bettis actuators are rated for a duty cycle of at lease 30% (one motor-on period followed by two motor-off periods). Higher duty cycles (up to 100%), which can allow for up to 1200 starts per hour, at normal ambient temperatures are available. 
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