Fisher D4 Control Valve

Sliding stem valveThe Fisher D4 control valve is a rugged, compact globe valve designed primarily for high pressure throttling applications using either pneumatic or electric actuation. 

This valve is ideal for high pressure flow control applications utilizing throttling or on-off control. The D4 is available in NPS 1 and 2 inch connections, from NPT up to CL900/1500 raised face and ring-type-joint flanges.


  • Maintenance is easy with the hummer-nut design and simple plug and seat removal
  • Compact design allows for installation in areas where space is a premium
  • Various connection options allows for the installation of the D4 in any piping schemes
  • Severe service trim upgrades are a possibility with tungsten carbide options to promote better wear and lengthen life
  • With the introduction of the easy-Drive actuator, the D4 can use 12 or 24VDC to stroke the valve, as a possible alternative to the traditional pneumatic actuator
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