Fisher Control-Disk Rotary Valve

Fisher Control Disk Rotary ValveThe control disk rotary valve offers excellent throttling performance. An equal percentage flow characteristic provides an improved throttling range comparable to that of a segmented ball valve. This improved capability allows you to control closer to the target set point, regardless of process disturbances, which results in a reduction in process variability. 

The control disk rotary valve features an eccentrically-mounted disk with either a soft or metal seal, providing capability for enhanced shutoff. The interchangeable sealing technology allows for the same valve body to accept both soft and metal seals.


  • Retainer clips provide for versatility to mount and align the same wafer style valve body in different piping configurations (ASME and EN ratings).
  • The valve body is compatible with PN 10 through PN 40, CL150 and CL300 rating sizes 2-24.
  • Lugged bodies available 14-24”
  • Face-to-face dimensions meet EN 558, API 609 and MSS-SP68 standards
  • Special constructions are now available in CL600 lugged style 3-24” and in sizes up to 36” in CL150
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