Penberthy Models RH and TH Liquid Level Gages

Medium pressure flat glass gages in reflex and transparent styles

Medium pressure gages are designed to be used in direct reading liquid level measurement for medium pressure tank applications in the petroleum, chemical, natural gas and general process industries.


  • Reliable, easy to understand level reference.
  • Gives users the ability to inspect liquid characteristics visually (transparent style). 
  • Non-intrusive. 
  • Operation is independent of most liquid characteristics. Multiple liquids can be processed through the same vessel without concerns for density, surface turbulence, dielectric conductivity etc. 
  • No electrical power required. Provide accurate direct liquid level measurement in remote locations where power is not available. Not affected by power failures. 
  • Suitable for full vacuum applications. 
  • Provide a near-unlimited length of measure. 
  • Optional offshore coating 2600 protection; ideal cost-effective solution for corrosive offshore environments. 
  • NACE materials available for sour gas service. Used for verification of other level instrument technology.

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