Fisher 2052

Fisher 2052 spring-and-diaphragm rotary actuators are used on rotary-shaft valve bodies for throttling or on-off applications.

The 2052 may be used for throttling service with a positioner, or it may be used for on-off service without a positioner. The 2052 has an ISO 5211 mating interface that allows installation to non-Fisher valves.


  • Compact design, smaller actuators - ensures reduced valve/actuator envelope dimensions leading to greater mounting versatility for both skids and process plants, where space is at a premium
  • Compatible with DVC2000, DVC6200 and DVC6000 digital valve controllers
  • Clamped lever to reduce lost motion between the actuator and the valve
  • No bench set required
  • Adjustable travel stops provide the ability to adjust or change the travel range by 30 degrees in either direction without removing the actuator or the addition of extra parts
  • Fail-safe mechanism contains no aluminum - all parts are made of steel, cast iron and ductile iron to ensure the actuator will maintain safety integrity in the event of a fire
  • Powder paint finish offers an excellent corrosion-resistant finish to all external steel and cast iron parts
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