Wireless HART Interface

The IEC 62591 Wireless Interfaces for the industry leading ROC800, FloBoss, and ControlWave product families enable enhanced process performance and efficiency in the upstream and midstream markets. The interface between these devices will simplify installation, deliver precise measurement, and provide 99% communications reliability.

The IEC62591 Wireless Interface utilizes WirelessHART self-organizing mesh networks to allow the devices to serve as a self-healing alternate communication path. A rich set of field tools provide easy access to the RTU (Remote Terminal Unit),  flow computer and direct access to Smart Wireless Field Devices for calibration, commissioning, and diagnostics to make  operations more efficient by providing accurate measurement, precise monitoring, and preventing unplanned shutdowns.

The ROC800, FloBoss 107, and ControlWave Micro take full advantage of the digital accuracy and device data reliability by digitally retrieving data from the field devices to deliver improved measurement accuracy. Communication is fully protected by industry standard 128-bit AES encryption to receive the highest data integrity and network security.

The IEC62591 Wireless Interfaces have I/O communication modules for the ROC800, FloBoss 107, ControlWave Micro and a Smart Wireless Field Link to provide a weather-proof, explosion-proof wireless interface for outdoor mast mounting to provide flexible installation.

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