FreeWave Radio

FreeWave Technologies is a leader in industrial M2M (machine to machine) and wireless networking solutions that support a wide range of industrial applications.  Spartan is one of FreeWave’s local stocking distributers. 

We stock the most common FreeWave FGR/2, HTPlus and I/O radios used by our end-users including:


The FGR2-CE is the next generation of the FGR Serial radio from FreeWave. The FGR2-CE is a cost effective solution that allows Customers to incorporate wireless communications into a wide variety of applications. Features a +6 to +30 VDC operating voltage, multiple interface options, a temperature range from –40ºC to +75ºC, and is available with a UL Class 1, Division 2 certification.


The FGR2-PE offers industrial serial and Ethernet wireless connectivity using license-free spread spectrum for data communication over long distances. The FGR2-PE is compatible with other FreeWave FGR plus family radios and now has two Ethernet ports and two serial ports to meet the demands of Customers’ wireless automation requirements. The future-proof combination of two serial ports and two switched Ethernet ports give customers the ability to transition from serial to Ethernet data communications without having to replace their wireless communications infrastructure.


The FreeWave 900 MHz, FGR2-IO Series provides outstanding performance and versatility in wireless transmission of process-control signals. FGRIO offers 'transparent' acquisition, transport and reconstruction of analog, digital and power signals, eliminating the need for associated buried wiring. The FGR2-IO Series is Class 1 Division 2 approved and is lower-cost and provides better signal integrity than vulnerable wiring.

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