Distributed RTU Network

Production pads with multiple wells (typically used in shale gas or oil production) present special challenges to gathering and controlling process variables. Often the wells are distributed over a wide geographic area, making wired connectivity difficult and control and remote point monitoring problematic. 

Remote Automation Solutions’ Distributed RTU Network (DRN) provides a unique and cost-effective resolution to this challenge. The DRN structures data acquisition and transmission in a true peer-to-peer network (rather than a more traditional master-slave arrangement), uses wireless technology to improve data transmission, and enables you to design – and quickly re-design – both the network structure and the flow of data through the network.

The Distributed RTU Network is a distributed control solution that allows seamless wireless integration of multiple field controllers. It integrates Emerson’s FloBoss™ 107 and ROC800-Series with radio technology that provides transparent data connectivity to enable shared, distributed control across a wide geographical area.

Emerson Process Management

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