Station Manager

Station Manager helps you to maintain the integrity of your assets and avoid safety and environmental incidents, all while driving to a more efficient operation. 

By using industry leading proven software applications you will be able to ensure consistency, increase effectiveness, reduce installation and support costs, and minimize operational errors.

Station Manager is an application for the ControlWave Micro that performs natural gas flow measurement and station control for up to six meter runs, and can be distributed across six stations. When installed in the ControlWave Micro, Station Manger is ideal for both new installations as well as station upgrades, where it replaces a mix of outdated RTUs and PLCs that are increasingly difficult to support.

The Station Manager User interface allows you to easily configure inputs and outputs (I\O), station and run parameters, perform maintenance operations, view and collect logs, and monitor current station information. Station Manager is available as either a pre-configured application or as a modifiable version that allows full customization of the control portion of the application. Flow measurement is performed using AGA 3 (version 1985, 1992, and 2012), 5, 7, and 8 calculations, per API Chapter 21. Supported meter types include: orifice, ultrasonic, turbine, venture annubar, coriolis, V-cone, and positive displacement.


  • Measurement Canada approved Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM)
  • Custody Transfer
  • Cross Border Measurement
  • Packaged Solutions
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