The FloBoss 107 based Net Oil Computer (NOC) provides density and temperature compensated oil, water and gas volumes for Well Test and LACT applications. 

 Ideally, the system uses a Micro Motion Coriolis Meter as both a flow sensor and water cut analyzer to calculate net oil and water present in an emulsion stream. Mass flow rate is measured using the Coriolis principle. Density of the emulsion is continuously monitored by the coriolis meter using the natural frequency and temperature of the vibrating element. Combining mass flow and density, the gross emulsion volume is computed in cubic meters.

Water cut determination is made by comparing the measured emulsion density to the reference densities of free oil and water. The net oil computer calculates the temperature effect on volume using a solution based on Chapter 11 of the American Petroleum Institute, Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards. Using the water cut and volume correction factors the emulsion flow is factored to determine net oil and water at standard conditions, 15 °C.

Various parameters can be viewed on the NOC control panel during the well test:

  • Test time
  • Gross volumetric flow
  • Net oil and water totals
  • Flow rate
  • Verage water cut
  • Instantaneous water cut 
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