SmartProcess™ Oil & Gas Application Suite

With Emerson's SmartProcess™ Application Suite you have turnkey, off-the-shelf applications for all of your well pad control and optimization needs. 

With the Production Manager Series on the ROC and FloBoss products, to Transmission manager series on the ControlWave platform, Spartan and Emerson can automate your operations to maximize performance, improve reliability, reduce engineering and support costs, and reduce process upsets. By configuring our off-the-shelf solutions rather than developing custom programming, you will be able to deliver maximum performance results. 

The applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Local Display Manager: provides a colour touchscreen interface, easily configured through the ROV using ROCKLINK 800 to allow smooth and intuitive operator interaction.
  • Tank Manager: uses level-based measurement to manage volumetric tank inventory and calculates wellhead production.
  • Well Optimization Manager: designed to manage and optimize gas and liquids production operations at an oil/gas well site that supports gas lift; plunger lift; gas assisted plunger lift; plunger assisted gas lift; and rod pump control for both gas and oil production.
  • Surface Controls Manager: used to manage the control logic of surface equipment as well as any maintenance bypass requirements and shut-in of wells, load outs or associated equipment. 
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