OpenEnterprise™ 3.1

OpenEnterprise™ is Emerson's leading-edge SCADA host built for Oil & Gas production, distribution and transmission applications. 

The 20 years of experience behind this product has helped shape it into a user-friendly platform built for remote mission-critical applications where data integrity and uptime are essential for operating over complex communication networks.

Built on a 64-bit database engine, OpenEnterprise™ v3.x is modular and a highly scalable SCADA host that addresses the needs of Oil & Gas markets from local metering and compressor station monitoring and control to large automation projects with thousands of RTUs.

OpenEnterprise™ reduces operational and maintenance lifecycle costs and improves operational efficiency across the Enterprise. Version 3 is based on a Human Centered Design (HCD) approach which focuses on ease of use from both the user interface perspective and through enhanced server functionality, leveraging reusable objects and intelligent automation aimed at improving Operator productivity.

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