ControlWave Designer

ControlWave Designer is the new generation software programming suite that allows engineers the flexibility to choose the most appropriate controller hardware system without the necessity of learning a new programming language for each platform. 

The flexibility of IEC61131-3 further allows each manufacturer to augment the basic set of functions with product-specific high-level functions to take maximum advantage of their products’ distinguishing capabilities, yet strictly adhere to the IEC 61131-3 standards. All of these are interchangeable and allow for the user to be able to choose the format they are most comfortable with. This software suite also provides all the necessary components to program, download and online debug ControlWave programs.

In addition to the basic functions and function blocks, ControlWave Designer brings the benefit of over 20 years of SCADA and plant control experience in Bristol’s ACCOL III function block library. ACCOL III includes over 60 function blocks for use in oil and gas, water and wastewater, and process measurement and control applications.

This library includes function blocks for:

  • Average, compare and totalize
  • Scheduling and sequencing
  • PID and lead/lag
  • AGA gas flow and liquids calculations
  • Alarming and historical storage
  • File handling

Additionally, the Canadian standard loads are fully written in and can be customized by this software suite. 

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