Atrex Energy, Inc. Remote Power Generation System

Atrex Energy, Inc. Remote Power GeneratorAtrex Energy, Inc. is a leader in clean and reliable fuel cell generation solutions who offers a Remote Power Generation System that is superior for providing continuous, unattended power for remote or off-grid applications. Not only does this field proven power generation system operate in the harshest conditions with high levels of fuel efficiency, but it is the first and only Solid Oxide Fuel Cell worldwide to receive CSA approval. Based on state-of-the-art solid oxide fuel cell technology, these generators use commercially available natural gas or propane to produce power without external reforming. With a power output range of 200 watts to 4,500 watts at 2VDC to 60VDC, these DC generators offer one of the highest power densities in the smallest package.

The power generator takes natural gas or propane and using an electrochemical process converts the fuel’s energy into DC electricity. This process does not burn or combust fuel like other power generation technologies and is inherently more efficient. Increased fuel efficiency translates into lower fuel consumption and significant fuel cost savings. Additionally, because Atrex Energy, Inc. generators do not burn fuel, the process is quiet, safe, and clean with minimal emissions making the technology environmentally friendly.


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