ROC 800

ROC 800The ROC800 Remote Operations Controller is a microprocessor-based controller that provides the functions requires for a variety of field automation applications. The ROC800 monitors, measures, and controls equipment in a remote environment and is ideal for applications requiring flow computation up to 24 PID control loops, logic sequencing control, and up to 12 meter runs.

Two versions of the ROC800 are available: the ROC809 (with nine module slots) and the ROC827 (which is expandable from three up to 27 module slots).


  • Rugged, reduced-maintenance hardware
  • High isolation, surge and short circuit protection
  • Low power consumption
  • Wide operating temperature (from -40 to 75C)
  • Up to 9 (ROC809) or up to 27 (ROC827) easily installed modular I/O cards
  • Versatile serial and Ethernet communications
  • Class I, Div 2 and Zone 2 hazardous location approval
  • Metering station support for up to 12 runs
  • Large, configurable history storage
  • Easy-to-use ROCKLINK 800 configuration software
  • Custom programming with Production Manager Suite, function sequence tables (FSTs) or DS800 Development Suite, which allows you to build IEC 61131-3 compliant programs for use with the ROC800

DeviceLynk Certified Product 
This product is DeviceLynk Compatible.

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