FloBoss S600+

S600+The FloBoss S600+ is an industry leading flow computer with the horsepower to tackle any of your flow application requirements. The S600+ has the built in capability to store 20 separate configurations which are selectable upon boot up, and measure up to 10 flow runs while completing double precision calculations. When purchasing a flow computer you would traditionally need to specify if it would be measuring liquid or gas, but with the S600+ this is no longer a problem, because you can have a mix of liquid and gas meter runs in a single flow computer.

Reporting and data integrity is as important as measurement when it comes to fiscal metering and that is why the S600+ supports up to 333 days of 10 stream reports where monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly reports are achieved individually. The S600+ also archives 50,000 alarms and events in memory for easy retrieval using the built in Web Browser application. With the ability to perform calculations for an unprecedented number of global measurement standards including those covered by AGA, ISO, GPA, GERG, and GOST for gas applications, and API, ASTM, GPA, and NORSOK for liquid applications there is little reason to look elsewhere for your flow computer solution.


  • Fiscal flow measurement
  • Custody transfer
  • Pipeline measurement
  • Batch loading
  • Meter proving applications
  • Single or multi-stream measurement
  • Flow control 

DeviceLynk Certified Product 
This product is DeviceLynk Compatible.
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