ControlWave XFC

Control Wave XFCThe Bristol ControlWave XFC is a cost-effective, competitive solution when requirements call for a chart replacement or flow computer in a compact, explosion-proof package. A Measurement Canada-approved version of the model 3820-EX is available with an approved application load. This application load is pre-installed and provides a dual meter run device. A set of pre-defined web pages provide access to each meter run configuration and history.

ControlWave XFC measures differential pressure, static pressure, and temperature for up to two runs and computes flow for both volume and energy. The XFC is preprogrammed to meet API 21.1 requirements for a two- run metering station. Ideal for Bristol lifecycle management services i.e. migrating from TeleFlow, ECR or 3308 Accurate.

Application Areas

ControlWave XFC is appropriate to all applications for Gas flow computers, including those that require process control or extension to two meter runs, for example:

  • Custody transfer applications (dual runs)
  • Production wells
  • Injection wells
  • Production optimization applications
  • Separation plants
  • Compressor stations
  • Storage facilities
  • Tansmission metering stations
  • Distribution/LDC metering/gate stations
  • Chart replacement
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