ControlWave Micro

ControlWave MicroControlWave Micro breaks the price/performance barrier for small to mid-sized RTU/PLC products and adds significant scalability to the ControlWave family of controllers. ControlWave Micro evolves the capabilities of the proven ControlWave RTU into a lower priced, space-efficient package required by small to mid-sized applications. ControlWave Micro has very low power consumption for solar applications.

The ControlWave Micro offers exceptional communication capability with up to eleven serial ports and one or two optional 10/100 Mb Ethernet I/P ports. Due to its small form factor and rugged industrial design, the ControlWave Micro meets the requirements of the most demanding process plant and remote SCADA system environments. The ControlWave Micro can be seamlessly combined with other members in the ControlWave family of products for optimum system architecture.


  • Industry Canada (6 Run) and D17 (10 Run) compliant for gas flow measurement AGA 3/7 including Orifice Plate, Ultrasonic (Bi-Directional), Turbine and Auto Adjust Turbine.
  • IEC 61131-3 compliant programming environment. Standard application loads available.
  • Modular and easily expandable to 14 I/O cards and Remote Racks. 11 Serial Ports – 1 or 2 ENET
  • Excellent for low power applications. Multiple protocols including BSAP, IBP, Modbus TCP/IP and Serial, DNP3, Enron Modbus, CIP & DF-1
  • Supports HART (Wire and wireless – IEC 62591) and Foundation Fieldbus. Class 1 Div 2: -40 to 70C.
  • Ideal for Bristol lifecycle management services i.e. migrating from 3330, 3310, 3305, 3530, TeleRTU

DeviceLynk Certified Product 
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