Artificial Lift Automation

Artificial intelligence can help operators derive new insights, automate control, and improve efficiency.

Ambyint offers an AI-driven, artificial lift optimization solution that helps oil and gas exploration and production customers reduce costs while improving production. 

Modern AI engines work by training the systems using real world data. Rather than simply telling the system what conditions to monitor for, the system learns by analyzing all available data to identify parameters that are leading indicators of an issue, such as gas lock or paraffin buildup. In addition to using best in class AI algorithms, Ambyint has the largest and rapidly growing collection of production optimization data.

Ambyint has a 12-year operating history, delivering best-in-class artificial lift control and monitoring solutions to oil and gas exploration and over that time has gathered a high-resolution data set data, currently totaling almost 100 million pump operating hours or 45 TBs, 67,000x larger than its nearest competitor.

Ambyint's Production Optimization Platform (POP) provides for monitoring, operations, management, and optimization. It can deploy the software leveraging customers’ SCADA data and infrastructure or deploy in combination with our proprietary high-resolution adaptive controllers (HRACs), which provide higher resolution data and control/optimization capabilities.

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