Rosemount 648TX Wireless

Rosemount temperature transmitterTemperature is the most widely measured variable in the process industry. An accurate, reliable temperature measurement can allow an increase in process efficiency and quality and a decrease in energy consumption.

The 648T Wireless achieves Best-in-Class performance and capability. Single sensor capability with universal sensor input (RTD, thermocouple, ohm, millivolt and 4-20 mA).


  • Lowers installed cost by eliminating long wire runs to the control room
  • Industry-leading temperature transmitter delivers field reliability, accuracy and stability as a wireless measurement solution
  • Fully compatible with WirelessHART networks with greater than 99% data reliability
  • Large LCD display Option
  • Dual-compartment housing provides highest reliability in harsh environments with external standard range and extended range antenna options
  • Temperature sensor diagnostics for continuous monitoring of sensor integrity
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