Rosemount Sapphire High Pressure Temperature Sensor

The Rosemount Sapphire Sensor excels in gasification, sulfur recovery, and other high pressure, high temperature processes that require the ability to survive in sulfuric and other toxic environments.

The Sapphire sensor has a unique dual seal system for redundancy and robustness thereby eliminating the risk of fugitive emissions in the unlikely event of a sensor failure. The use of sapphire protecting tubes results in longer life time of the Thermocouple wires in extreme conditions.


  • Improved performance in high temperature (up to 1800ºC) and pressure ( up to 65 bar) environments
  • Tripled operational lifetimes compared with industrial thermocouples (18,000 hours vs 6,000 hours) in harsh applications
  • Improved measuring accuracy due to unique Sapphire protection tube technology
  • Increased thermocouple lifetime leading to longer process uptimes
  • Dual pressure seals and unique internal connection technologies reduce risk of fugitive emissions
  • Can be configured with special thermocouple materials for high temperature measurement
  • Improved Sensor Life in Gasification Reactor Applications Utilizing Sapphire Inner Tube
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