Rosemount 0085

The Rosemount Pipe Clamp Sensor 0085 is an application and industry solution sensor that provides accurate, reliable and stable surface temperature measurements where it is not possible to install a sensor directly into the process pipe. 

The pipe clam sensor is mounted directly on the pipe surface, with the RTD sensor in direct contact. The Pipe Clamp can be used to measure temperatures from -200C to 300C (-328F to 572F).


  • Reduced engineering, procurement and installation costs using one measurement solution
  • Reliable and accurate surface temperature measurement
  • Silver tip minimizes the thermal resistance between the pipe and the sensor
  • Replaceable measuring inserts ensure process integrity
  • Spring loaded inserts ensure solid contact with pipe surface
  • Stainless steel housing options for harsh environments
  • Available with both direct mount or remote mount transmitters
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