TruckVue Maintenance

Our TruckVue maintenance program will help you to realize the full benefits of your system.


  • Our certified, factory-trained technicians will help to optimize system performance and minimize facility downtime.
  • Technicians will protect and extend the life cycle of our hardware by identifying component or environmental problems early that may affect future system operations. They will also identify system performance problems and may affect the ongoing accuracy of the systems’ volume and water cut readings.
  • You will receive priority privileges to software hot fixes, service technicians, and our hot spare inventory, minimizing potential downtime periods.
  • Access to addition reporting tools will assist in proving you with the required documentation during ERCB Directive 17 audits.
  • In addition to a significant discount on our TruckVue hourly rates; under the maintenance program you will be entitled to free emergency support services that may help in determining a resolution to the problem and in turn help to avoid unnecessary chargeable field service visits.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

This service provides a Spartan Measurement Instrumentation technician to carry our preventative maintenance, calibrations and health check-ups on the customer’s TruckVue system. Planned preventative maintenance provides value by minimizing system downtime with periodic health checkups. This service includes inspection, adjustment, calibration, cleaning, testing and repair, or replacement of the TruckVue systems equipment supplied by Spartan Controls.

Software maintenance and Emergency Services

This software service provides the customer access to reporting and verification tools that are otherwise inaccessible. It will ensure that the customer has the latest software upgrades and allows for customized configuration changes on an annual basis. By obtaining the latest software fixes and upgrades, the TruckVue system performance and reliability will be improved. The reporting tools provided can assist during ERCB auditing or meter proving processes. These tools may also be used to maximize profitability when buying or selling oil based upon product density, or to minimize well density sampling costs.

The emergency services provide you with priority privileges to phone support, 24/7 demand services and our customer hot spare inventory.

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