Cleaning and Return Procedure

Provincial legislation requires that equipment that has been in service must be thoroughly cleaned, tagged and decontaminated of all foreign substances including substances used for cleaning the equipment prior to return. A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) must also be included in/with your shipment.

You may provide these details in advance using e-mail or fax. Spartan Controls will not receive items that arrive without this information.


All items that have come in contact with process, must be cleaned inside and out prior to receipt at Spartan Controls as per the Provincial legislation noted on the RMA form. The cleaning process and product/fluid used to complete this must also be noted on the RMA form provided.

If appropriate cleaning has not been completed prior to receipt at Spartan Controls, and the item(s) are unable to be inspected or returned to the US factory due to contamination, these item(s) will be sent out for cleaning at a local provider. All costs will be quoted once complete and included in the final invoice.

MSDS Statement

MSDS sheets for each piece of equipment being shipped must also be emailed to the Spartan contact who issued the RGA number to you. If the MSDS sheets do not come with the returned items(s) and are not e-mailed to the Spartan contact that issued the RGA number to you, and are not tagged as cleaned, they will be quarantined until the information is provided.

RGA (Returned Goods Authorization) Statement

Please contact Spartan Controls to obtain an RGA number prior to returning any equipment. This number will enable us to properly track your equipment once received, and provide you the tracking number for reference.

Any and all equipment being returned must have our RGA number reference on waybills, bills of landing and packing lists, otherwise they will be quarantined until this reference is provided.

For any questions or concerns about our Cleaning and Return procedures, please contact us.

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