Rosemount 5708 Acoustic Process Measurement Addition

Rosemount 5708Spartan strives to provide best-in-class service to our customers. We are driven to help improve your processes and save or make you money with our superior products and services. Our Acoustic Process Measurement specialists will help you to realize the full benefits of a newly purchased 5708 system.

Our certified factory-trained technicians will ensure optimum system performance and reliability. During startup you can expect the following:

  • Verification of the correct electrical and mechanical installation of the 5708(s).
  • Setup and configuration of the customer supplied PC(if applicable) with regards to the 3D Vision software, RS-485 device drivers, and device and tank configuration.
  • Function test the communication between the 5708 PC and all 5708 devices.
  • Customization of 3D Vision software alarms, tank display, reports and notifications. Dependent on the version of software license purchased.
  • Calibration/Verification of each tank level device along with the transmitter response time and accuracy in regards to the filling and emptying of the vessel.
  • Configuration of the 5708 PC for remote connection (if internet access is available).
  • On-the-job training for site operation or field technician personnel

Startup Service Pricing

Please be aware of the following:

  • All prices are in Canadian dollars
  • Travel time, meals, flights, accommodations and mileage (if required) will be charged at applicable rates. Please contact Lisa Reynolds (780-440-5628) or Lorna Munkedal (780-638-5704) for a quote that includes travel time, meals, flights accommodations and mileage.
  • Unnecessary wait times may incur an equivalent hourly rate, at the technician’s discretion.
  • Any work outside the normal startup scope will be charged at the standard hourly rate.


The following must be complete prior to startup:

  • Customer has completed the Application Evaluation Form supplied by factory and factory has approved the install as per the dimensional drawings provided by the customer.
  • Customer has installed the 5708(s) to the exact dimensions listed in the AEF document which was approved by factory.
  • All devices installed follow applicable electrical and mechanical drawings, and the customer uses standard industry practices
  • 5708(s) are mounted perpendicular to ground level, the antenna protrudes into the tank, and the antenna 0 degree indication is pointed towards the centre of the vessel.
  • All devices will be ready to be powered on once Spartan technician verifies site wiring.
  • Communication wiring has been verified between the 5708(s) and the PC.
  • Analog loop wiring has been verified between the 5708(s) and the Host PLC.
    • 5708 PC has administrator privileges.
    • Electrician is available to provide any troubleshooting regarding installation
    • Operations is available to dip the tank to measure the average level of the product.


On-the-job training will consist of explanations while the customer witnesses the startup. If time permits, the specialist can provide a basic overview on 5708 fundamentals.

Currently at this time Spartan Controls does not offer any detailed course on the 5708 product line. However Emerson does offer a 5708 course, details can be provided by contacting Emerson’s Education Department.
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