FB107 ROCNOC Addition

Spartan strives to provide best-in-class service to our customers. We are driven to help improve your processes and improve your bottom line with our superior products and services. Our Net Oil Computer specialists will help you to realize the full benefits of a newly purchased satellite or LACT system.

Our certified factory-trained technicians will ensure optimum system performance and reliability.

During startup, you can expect the following:

  • Verification of the correct installation and wiring of Micro Motion, Ametek Drexelbrook, Phase Dynamics, RTD, and MVS meter
  • Customization and adjustment of the measurement devices and ROCNOC software to optimize system performance
  • Configuration and testing of all transmitters and system displays. Programming of communication protocols (ROC, Modbus, TCP/IP Modbus) to the host system.
  • Perform calibration to the Micro Motion, Ametek Drexelbrook and Phase Dynamics water cut devices.
  • On-the-job training for site operations or field technician personnel


The following must be complete prior to startup:

  • All devices securely installed and piping in place as per standard industry practices.
  • Power, signal and transmitter to sensor wiring connected and devices and panel powered or ready to be powered.
  • All operational data required including well locations with oil and water densities, gas compositions and any communication of I/O settings
  • Liquids must be available to be flowed through the Micro Motion to properly test the operation of the skid. If an Ametek Drexelbrook or Phase Dynamics is to be used for water cut, then dry oil and a centrifuge will be required to perform a water cut calibration.

For in-depth performance verification, a method of meter proving must be provided. This process may incur additional cost depending on the method used.


On-the-job training will consist of explanations while the customer witnesses the startup. If time permits, the specialist can provide a basic talk on meter fundamentals.

Quotes and Pricing

Please contact Lisa Reynolds (780-440-5628) or Lorna Munkedal (780-638-5704) for a quote that includes travel time, meals, flights, accommodations, and mileage. 


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