Rosemount 1199

Rosemount pressure transmitterThe Rosemount 1199 Seal System provides reliable, remote measurement of process pressure and protects the transmitter diaphragm from hot and cold, corrosive, or viscous processes. 

Rosemount seal systems are designed for reliability in even the toughest applications.

Rosemount 1199 diaphragm seals can be attached to Rosemount 3051S, 3051, 2051, 3095, and 2088 differential, gage, and absolute pressure transmitters.


  • Flanged, threaded, and hygienic process connections
  • Meets industry standards
  • Can be used with a variety of fill fluids including cold temperature, hot temperature, and hygienic and food grade
  • Three different capillary diameters allow for optimization of accuracy and time response
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