Rosemount 3051S ERS

The 3051S ERS system is a flexible, 2-wire HART architecture that calculates differential pressure (DP) electronically, using two pressure sensors. 

The pressure sensors are linked together with an electrical cable and synchronized to create a single 3051S ERS System.


  • Improve performance by reducing temperature effects
  • Enable direct mounting to tailer vessels and distillation towers for a 90% reduction in response time (<1s digital response time)
  • Remove the headaches of heat tracing and impulse piping
  • Improve reliability by replacing mechanical components with digital architecture
  • Get visibility to the individual pressure readings from each sensor as well as a scaled output for tank level or volume
  • Eliminate the need to buy a separate transmitter to monitor and control blanket pressure
  • Eliminate the high cost of winter enclosures for transmitters
  • Eliminate the cost of heat trace
  • Maintain quick response time even in cold climate conditions

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