Rosemount 2120

Designed using vibrating shortfork technology, the 2120 is suited to virtually all applications.

With a vast choice of wetted materials, five different switching modes and basic self checking features, the 2120 is quickly becoming a customer favourite.

In the past you would be required to manually trip a switch to test the health of a device, which is not accurate. With the 2120 visible LED you can always be sure that your switch is working as it should.


  • Withstand temperatures up to 302F (150C) and pressures to 1450 psig (100 barg)
  • Certified under safety devices for tanks and piping related to water pollution control
  • Function virtually unaffected by flow, bubbles, turbulence, foam, vibration, solids content, coating products, liquid properties, and product variations
  • No need for calibration and requires only a minimum amount of installation
  • Easy terminal access and hook-up with electrical protections
  • No moving parts or crevices means virtually no maintenance
  • Small in size and weight
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