Rosemount 3300 GWR

Guided Wave Radar is a continuous level measurement technique that offers several advantages. The level measurement is virtually unaffected by temperature, pressure, dust and vapor. The instrument has no moving parts and therefore requires little or no maintenance.

The Rosemount 3300 provides reliable and cost effective level measurements in most liquid storage and monitoring applications. Guided Wave Radar technology combined with advanced signal processing and sensitivity enables the Rosemount 3300 Series to deliver both level and interface measurement data from the same transmitter.


  • Robust Modular design with detachable Dual Compartment housing allowing replacement of transmitter head without breaching tank atmosphere
  • User-friend PC based Radar Configuration Tool for ease of use
  • Level and Interface reading from one transmitter only requires one tank penetration and one pair of wires
  • Probes may be cut to on site to fit the tank increasing instrument standardization
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