X-Stream Analyzers

Rosemount X-Stream AnalyzerThe Rosemount X-stream analyzer can measure a number of individual components using a variety of analytical benches.

Numerous benches can be added to the same analyzer, including IR, Electro Chemical, Paramagnetic and UV benches. Can measure trace components or % level. The Enhanced version has Ethernet connectivity and features a web browser interface.

X-Stream Analyzers are designed to perform in a wide array of applications. Applications include O2 detection for rail cars, various gas purity measurements, and catalyst efficiency monitoring.


  • Ethernet ports for remote access and data acquisition
  • USB ports for firmware updates and storing configuration data or measurement data on USB devices
  • Analog inputs for integrating external measurements into the X-STREAM Enhanced environment
  • Internal Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) saves cost for external equipment to control internal and external equipment, such as valves, for time-controlled switching of multiple gas streams.
  • Four on-board calculators for virtual measurement channels
  • Lowest span drift of 1% per month, not 1% per week like most analyzers
  • Tight repeatability of <0.5% of range
  • Tight zero drift of 1% per week, depending on component and range
  • Flexible I/O and communications capabilities
  • Available in Explosion Proof enclosure
  • Remote Diagnostics
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