Daniel Series 1500 Liquid Turbine Meters

Daniel Series 1500 Liquid Turbine MetersIdeal for a variety of crude oil and refined product applications, Daniel™ Series 1500 Liquid Turbine Meters are the volumetric flow measurement instruments of choice for petroleum manufacturers and distributors worldwide. 
A unique stainless steel internal assembly maximizes volume throughput and minimizes pressure drop, enabling high flow rates over an extended flow range. Rugged, next-generation electronics integrate two pickoff coils and a highly durable dual-channel preamplifier to guarantee total pulse integrity, virtually eliminating the possibility of missing or double-counted pulses. Improve functionality by pairing the meter with the backlit Daniel DRT-899 Rate/Totalizer to streamline access to critical flow data.


  • Achieve higher flow rates and an extended flow range with unique stainless steel internal assembly 
  • Improve fiscal measurement accuracy with a pulse output linear with flow rate and 10:1 rangeability (turndown) 
  • Maximize accountability with high-frequency pulse resolution that enables measurement of minute increments Improve electronics performance with superior combination of dual-channel preamplifier and two pickoff coils 
  • Eliminate missing or double-counted pulses by achieving total pulse integrity with standard second pickoff coil 
  • Streamline local access to critical flow data with the Daniel DRT-899 Rate/Totalizer that features a backlit display 
  • Simplify maintenance with new threaded lid that allows easy access to preamplifier and pickoff coil(s) Easily upgrade UMB-equipped meters to the new LME housing that features potted electronics to improve durability
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