Daniel Simplex Single-Chamber Orifice Fitting

Daniel Simplex Dual Chamber Orifice FittingEngineered for use on smaller line sizes, Daniel™ Simplex™ Single-Chamber Orifice Fittings offer superior gas and liquids differential pressure measurement performance in accordance with AGA 3, API 14.3 and OIML 5167.

-     Unit-built construction with the plate carrier permanently attached to the sealing bar allows the sealing bar, carrier and plate to be removed as a unit, enabling operators to quickly perform plate inspections and change-outs with no need to remove the fitting from the line. There is also no need to spread the flanges to change the plate, further minimizing downtime and costs as well as eliminating the possibility of costly gas leakage or spillage of liquids.


  • Expedite plate inspections and change-outs with ability to remove the sealing bar, carrier and plate as a unit 
  • Prevent liquid spillage or gas leakage with no flange spreading required for plate inspections and change-outs 
  • Maximize uptime by performing plate changes and maintenance without removing the fitting from the line 
  • Virtually eliminate maintenance time and cost with simple fitting design that has few parts 
  • Achieve concentricity in accordance with the latest AGA 3/API 14.3 standards for consistently accurate measurement 
  • Enhance measurement at high-pressure wells and more with 3-in to 4-in fittings configurable up to 10,000 psig 
  • Improve safety with manufacturing in accordance with ASTM and ANSI flange connection specifications 
  • Ensure performance in accordance with ASME with optional hydrostatic testing to 1.5 times operating pressure
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