Daniel Senior Dual-Chamber Orifice Fitting

Daniel Senior Dual Chamber Orifice FittingDaniel™ Senior™ Orifice Fittings differential pressure flow meter reigns as the most widely used device for unparalleled measurement accuracy in  accordance with AGA 3, API 14.3 and OIML 5167. 

The industry-leading dual-chamber design saves time and money by providing a fast, safe and extremely simple method of changing orifice plates under pressure to prevent unscheduled downtime. A unique plate carrier ensures superior concentricity to reduce measurement uncertainty and also allows the fitting to be mounted in a vertical or horizontal plane. No need for costly bypasses or additional valves that are required with conventional orifice flanges simplifies installation and startup.


  • Save time and money by allowing plate changes under pressure without interruption to prevent downtime
  • Minimize measurement uncertainty with unique four-point positioning system that ensures concentricity 
  • Achieve custody transfer accuracy without the need for expensive flow calibration 
  • Operate safely with indicator plates that clearly show if the slide valve is in the open or closed position 
  • Satisfy a variety of application requirements with a wide range of line sizes and ANSI ratings available 
  • Eliminate damage and/or equipment failure with a design that provides an optimal seal  
  • Expedite installation with no need for costly bypasses or additional valves; mount in vertical or horizontal plane
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