Micro Motion FDM

Liquid density is an important process parameter in applications as diverse as pipeline interface detection, flue gas de-sulphurization or acid concentration control.

With Emerson’s Micro Motion Fork Density Meter you get fast-response, direct insertion density and concentration measurement that is capable of being installed in pipelines, bypass loops and tanks as well as an innovative new integral transmitter. Flexible in its communications capabilities, this new transmitter can be factory pre-configured to your specific application and reduce your system integration and set-up costs. Maintenance burdens can also be minimized through a revolutionary new meter health diagnostic – Known Density Verification (KDV).

How will you benefit?

  • Multiple wetted material options provide reliable measurement even in aggressive acid/alkali/slurry applications
  • Reduced blending, evaporator and concentration control manufacturing costs
  • Accurate process measurement that increases the reliability of product interface detection
  • In-line measurements improve operator safety by reducing hazardous liquid exposure risks
  • Single transmitter simplifies DCS/Flow Computer integration via mA, HART, Modbus, Frequency/Time Period and FOUNDATION Fieldbus communicationsSimple set-up, configuration and operation via a local display, HART communicator, AMS Device Manager or ProLink® III
  • Internal diagnostics for fast verification of meter health and installation
  • Application-specific factory configurations ensure fit-for-purpose operation
  • Unique direct insertion design in lengths of up to 4 m (13 ft)
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