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Micro Motion SGMStable energy is essential for consistent steam generation and minimizing process outages. Because of this, an accurate fast-response gas specific gravity and energy measurement system is essential to effectively trim air-to-fuel ratios. This is not an easy task to do as traditional methods often require frequent maintenance, deliver slow response times and come with a high cost of ownership. Being able to quickly and reliably measure specific gravity, calorific value/BTU and Wobbe Index is the key to improving your process.

With Micro Motion’s Gas Specific Gravity Meter (SGM) you get a fast response and accurate measurement of multiple variables including: Specific Gravity, Molecular Weight, Relative Density, BTU/Calorific Value and Wobbe Index. Because of its unique design, this meter delivers the benefits of low cost of ownership, reduced maintenance costs and a new innovative integral transmitter. It’s also flexible in its communications capabilities which reduces system integration and set up costs. And it incorporates a revolutionary new meter health diagnostic – Known Density Verification (KDV) - that minimizes your maintenance cycle.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced custody transfer specific gravity metering financial exposure and errors
  • Optimized fuel gas combustion and steam heat stability
  • Improved operating efficiencies for fired heater combustion control and hydrogen purity control for refineries or hydrogen cooled generators
  • Single transmitter simplifies DCS/Flow Computer integration via mA, HART, Modbus & Frequency/Time Period communications
  • Simple set up, configuration and operation via a local display, HART communicator, AMS Device Manager or ProLink III.
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