Hydrogen Fire Detection

Hydrogen gas burns with an almost invisible flame and radiates very little heat, making it difficult for a worker to detect. This makes hydrogen fire very dangerous. 

The typical flame detector used in many hydrogen applications is the simple corn broom, where you hold a broom in front of you and if the broom catches fire, you stop moving forward.

The Det-Tronics X3302 is excellent for the detection of these fires and other invisible flames such as ammonia and methanol. The Det-Tronics X3302 is a multi-spectrum IR flame detector.  It is immune to the traditional false alarm sources like arc welding, lightening, grinding and x-rays from welding inspection.

The X3302 brings state-of-the-art IR flame detection to the difficult task of detecting invisible hydrogen flames. Focusing on the water-band IR emissions of hydrogen flame, the X3302 overcomes the limited detection range and false alarm tendencies of other flame detectors by employing field proven multispectrum infrared (MIR) technology. 
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