Upgrade U9500 Series

The Det-Tronics U9500 series of gas detectors is easily upgraded to the next generation UD10 display. 

This upgrade includes a back-lit display that operates down to -50°C and allows for HART communication. The UD10 upgrade greatly aids in detector troubleshooting by recording all power up, power down, fault, and alarm events in a date and time stamped non-volatile memory. This data log can easily be downloaded to a laptop for analysis.

The UD10 is compatible with all the U9500 sensors which can eventually be upgraded to the GT3000 toxic series, PIRECL or OPECL open path detectors.

The FlexVu® Model UD10 is recommended for applications that require a gas detector with digital readout of detected gas levels as well as analog 4-20 mA output with HART, relay contacts, and Modbus RS485 (FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus option available). The UD10 Universal Display Unit is designed for use with Det-Tronics gas detectors such as GT3000, PIR9400, PIRECL, OPECL, C706x, Model 505/CGS, CGS or NTMOS, as well as generic linear 4-20 mA sensors. 
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