Det-Tronics EQP System

Eagle Quantum Premier® is a configurable, distributed, intelligent safety system providing flame and/or gas detection, along with alarm signaling, notification, extinguishing agent release, and/or deluge operation. 

All system components are integrated together on a fault tolerant digital communication network. The system is ideally suited for harsh industrial applications that require a hazardous location rated protection system. Typical applications include refineries and chemical plants; offshore platforms; pipelines and liquid gas storage; turbines/generators/compressors; hazardous manufacturing processes; and power plants.

Features of the Det-Tronics Eagle Quantum Premier® include:

  • Hazardous location certification, including ATEX, for field devices
  • Fire detection and alarm
  • Fire suppression control
  • Gas detection and alarm
  • Optional redundant controller operation
  • Extensive diagnostics
  • Device calibration data and event logging
  • Programmable logic
  • Real time clock
  • Four-line, 20 character alphanumeric display
  • LED status indicators
  • Fault tolerant communications loop
  • Up to 246 intelligent addressable field devices
  • Certified to ANSI/NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm Code
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