AMS Machinery Manager

Emerson's AMS Machinery Health Manager diagnoses and communicates the health of mechanical and rotating machinery using data from several predictive maintenance technologies. Vibration data that is understood by both operations and maintenance leads to accurate decision making. Understanding of condition change before failure leads to a reduction of unexpected equipment failures by 60%. When real-time machinery health information moves throughout the enterprise through the Ovation® or DeltaV™ Distributed Control System (DCS) and AMS Suite predictive maintenance software, both operations and maintenance are empowered to make the right decisions based on valuable predictive intelligence.


  • Enables fast and easy integration between AMS 6500 Machine health diagnostics from multiple, integrated predictive maintenance technologies 
  • Analysis tools for diagnosis and prognosis of machinery health
  • Asset Performance Management and other business systems to disseminate machinery health information throughout the enterprise. 
  • Real-time asset health integration with control automation systems



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