SlipStream® GTS

SlipStream® GTS is a patent pending technology designed to capture low pressure, highly variable vented hydrocarbons from oil and condensate storage tanks. The GTS system routes vented gas to a main process burner or an auxiliary burner resulting in fuel savings, GHG reduction, and greater than 99.9% VOC destruction for environmental compliance. SlipStream® meets Federal, State and Provincial compliance regulations such as EPA NSPS subpart OOOO and Pennsylvania (PA) exemption 38 regulations.

Key Features:

  • No pressurization or recompression of vented gas required.
  • Main burner used for normal GPU operation as well as vapor destruction.
  • Certified valve train (meets NFPA 8502 & CSA B149.3) passes vent gas turns to the burner when vent pressure is detected.
  • Vented gases are burned in the main or after burner via special low pressure orifice nozzle.
  • High VOC, BTEX, and methane destruction factor, >99% destruction efficiency.
  • Recovered vapor gas from storage vessels used to displace main burner fuel in GPU.
  • On demand auto ignition ensures reliable, safe operation.
  • Meets Class I Div. 2 Hazardous area regulations.
  • Cost effective, reliable, proven solution.
  • Can be used for condensate, oil, or BTEX applications. 
  • Automated, trouble-free safe operation.

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