REMVue® 500

The REMVue® 500 is an advanced engine/compressor control and monitoring system capable of accurate engine control and optimization, on-line diagnostics, and safety shutdown control. The system can be configured as a stand-alone system, in conjunction with existing systems, and/or upgraded to include systems such as an air-fuel ratio (AFR) controller or SlipStream® vent capture.

By effectively monitoring and controlling key operating parameters, the REMVue® system alone delivers reduced fuel costs with optimized asset performance. Operations with REMVue® installed with AFR and/or SlipStream® have reported quick return on investment (ROI) from increased revenue accumulating from higher productivity, fewer operating costs, improved safety and maintenance, and positive environmental results. 

REMVue panel


  • Safety shutdown 
  • Continuous online control and analysis 
  • Password protected parameters
  • Capable of air-fuel ratio (AFR) control  
  • Governor and process/load control  
  • Improved engine and compressor performance  and health
  • Upgradable platform for further asset improvements
  • Compatibility with other products
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